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Since starring in her first fart video "Gassed & Smothered" in 1996 Mistress Taylor St Claire has
blasted her way through well over a thousand femdom and fetish videos.
Those years of experience in front of the camera
is coupled with over a decade of work as one of the most sought after professional Mistresses in America.
She started producing and directing fart fetish clips for knowing exactly what people want to see.
Every clip Taylor is not starring in herself she's shooting camera and directing.
She's the one "in the trenches" getting gassy girls to dig deep and deliver the raunchiest blasts for the camera and for you.
She's brought you Sienna and she's brought you the Queen Of Farts Mistress Delilah.  
Taylor has given you femdom facefarts, smotherfarts, The Farting Giantess, The Public Fart Diaries and POV Toilet Clips.

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Delilah Sienna Kimberly Maya Veronica Taylor Kayla Angelica

NEW Fart Girls
Holly....................... Heidi.................... and Beth!

denim farts Heidi's Big Ass Blasts fart flames
You Sniffin' That HOT Wind

Holly wasn't real interested in shooting farting for me.
However, one afternoon in between another shoot she had bad gas from lunch so I asked her to do ONE quick fart clip and she agreed.
So here it is Holly's first fart clip.
There are a couple FARTS a BURP and lots of fart humiliation.
You fart lovers will love Holly.
Hooters FARTS

Sexy blond Hooters waitress discusses farting at work. She lets off a few small farts then ends with a serious blast. Fart lovers do not want to miss the new fart girl. Her ass and farts are EXTREME perfection.

Coming SOON

Beth shot for us in the
"5 Days of Service & Consumption"
series as well as
some fart clips which will
be debuting this week!

Annie Cheyenne Carolyn Jazzmine Kore Tjung Genesis Savannah
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